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Sleep & Recover Better

Sleeping on Celliant® is designed and clincially proven to improve your sleep quality. After all, we spend 1/3 of our lives sleeping. Shouldn’t we make that time count?

Sleep On Celliant

A better night’s sleep is only a click away. Celliant® has been clinically proven to promote restful sleep and increased comfort.

A New Way to Recharge

Enjoy a new kind of sleep with Celliant®. Effectively convert body heat into infrared energy, and feel the difference in the morning.

A Clinically Proven Safe Haven For Better Sleep.

Celliant used in bedding like the Sophie mattress, has been clinically proven to enhance the rest from sleep, with subjects reducing time spent awake at night (after falling asleep) by 18.3 minutes, based on a study conducted at UC irvine.

Recover Quicker with Celliant®

Recover quicker with Celliant® Infrared Technology embedded in every Sophie mattress. Celliant® has been proven to harnesses your body’s natural energy to promote recovery and better sleep.

Improve Circulation while you Sleep

Through independent clinical trials, Celliant® has been shown to not only increase local area blood flow, but also increase cellular oxygenation by 8-12%.

Cooler Sleep

Combining Celliant’s® built in Thermoregulation properties with both Premium Cool-Gel infused memory foam that wicks away heat, & extremely breathable Latex, the Sophie mattress is up to 7x cooler than traditional foam mattresses.


A Natural Way to Sleep Better

Fall asleep faster with a clinically proven sleep enhancer. Wake up rejuvenated, and take on your daily challenges with your body’s natural, electromagnetic energy. There’s no better sleep companion.

Temperature Control For The Best Nights Sleep

Create a thermoregulating sleep environment with Sophie’s Celliant infrared-light-therapy-infused mattress. Regulate your body temperature, and transform body heat into recyclable energy that can help your body heal naturally.

Regenerate and Oxygenate your cells to achieve peak performance

Improve the oxygenation of cells, and enable your body to perform maintenance and repair tasks. Promote your natural well-being  throughout the night with Celliant®. Experience increased blood flow and oxygen levels, and sleep soundly on your new Sophie mattress with natural woven minerals, proven to help you find a deeper, more restoritive sleep.

Start today for a better tomorrow

Celliant® is a Class 1 Medical Device – Sponsored by Perform-Tex Australasia PO Box 1083, Hartwell, Vic 3124, Australia. Celliant® Fibre is manufactured by Hologenix, LLC, Santa Monica, CA 90403. Celliant® is a registered trademark of Hologenix, LLC.