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Discover Australia's Smartest Mattress

Customisable comfort levels, game changing Celliant® benefits, and engineered cooling elements. What’s not to love? Head to our mattress page to see how simple, easy and affordable adding Sophie to your bedroom can be!

Why Celliant® …

Each Sophie mattress is made with Celliant® technology, which has been clinically proven to assist in a quicker recover, promote a more restful sleep, improve local area blood flow and circulation, and help you wake up every morning with more energy. Guaranteed to never wash or wear out and the proprietary technology works through up to 10 layers including a mattress protector, sheets and your clothes!

Recover Quicker with Celliant®

Recover quicker with Celliant® Infrared Technology embedded in every Sophie mattress. Celliant® has been proven to harnesses your body’s natural energy to promote recovery and better sleep.

Improve Circulation while you Sleep

Through independent clinical trials, Celliant® has been shown to not only increase local area blood flow, but also increase cellular oxygenation by 8-12%.

Cooler Sleep

Combining Celliant’s® built in Thermoregulation properties with both Premium Cool-Gel infused memory foam that wicks away heat, & extremely breathable Latex, the Sophie mattress is up to 7x cooler than traditional foam mattresses.

Discover Australia's Smartest Adjustable Sleep System

Luxurious tri-layer cool-gel infused dream memory foam mattress combined with effortless adjustability and therapeutic restorative massage. Discover the Sophie difference with our premium range of Premier Plus adjustable beds today

Friendly Support Staff

Whether you want to chat via Messenger, Email or Talk to us on the phone, our dedicated, friendly team are here to help.

A Better Way to Sleep

Whether it’s the dreamy cool-gel infused memory foam, complete adjustability or the seriously relaxing massage. Upgrade your sleep to upgrade your life today!

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