Waking Up Tired? Some Hidden Sleep Issues to Consider…


People have different needs in bed, but one thing everyone can agree on is the mattress you choose really matters – This is where sleeping with Sophie could be the smarter choice.

Almost a third of adults report making errors at work due to sleepiness or sleep problems. Sleep problems people regularly suffer include back pain, insomnia, sleep apnea and overheating, but these can all be overcome with Sophie – Australia’s Smartest Sleep Company.

But, how can The Sophie Adjustable Bed improve sleep for everyone? Let us explain!

Back Pain


The Sophie Electric Adjustable Bed is heaven for those suffering a bad back, with users able to adjust both the head and foot ends independently to their desired level of comfort and support. This means if you like your feet raised to remove pressure from the Lumbar region, but need your head close to flat to sleep comfortably, you can have it exactly how you want it! The gel-infused dream memory foam will eliminate the pressure points that are created by innerspring mattresses, allowing muscles to disengage and fully relax. After several minutes laying on the gel-infused dream memory foam mattress, you have a sense of weightlessness, which helps you fall asleep and more importantly, stay asleep.


With regards to troubles getting to and staying asleep, the calming whole body vibration therapy, combined with superior comfort has been shown to improve sleep quality. The ability to customise the firmness of massage, for example stronger on the leg-end and lower on the head end, also assists those with insomnia in finding the perfect balance of support and comfort which helps them fall asleep. While some people cope with the lack of sleep better than others, leaving insomnia untreated causes a lack of concentration and mood disruptions for everyone. All this can be avoided if you sleep smarter with Sophie.

Sleep Apnea

Did you know that according to medical research, thoracic elevations (upper body elevations) of 30 degrees or more have been shown to be more effective than CPAP machines in the treatment of Sleep Apnea in all but sever cases? Is it time to upgrade your sleep with a Sophie Adjustable Bed?


A final notable benefit of The Sophie Adjustable Bed is the innovative technology it uses to cool users down on those hot summer nights, making it the smarter choice for all Australians. Cool-Gel infused dream memory foam, breathable, open-cell responsive support foam all encased with a Silver Clear treated cotton blend mattress cover all combine to keep you cool, no matter the climate.

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Sophie Adjustable Bed Dual Queen or Split Queen.

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