After 2 spinal surgeries and other health issues, sleeping in a convential bed was becoming very uncomfortable and painful, relief and a reasonable nights sleep was in a recliner chair. A change had to take place…
I did extensive research on the various adjustable beds on the market and as a procrastinator, it wasn’t an easy decision, but now I consider it one of the best decisions I have every made. Purchasing online is risky, but I;m glad I took the risk…it is certainly paying off and being able to pay off the bed interest free is a godsend and makes the purchase so much easier.
Talking to James, he gave me his time and patience, didn’t rush or push me for a decision, took his time to answer all my questions. Decision made, I was lucky enough to receive my bed in 2 days as they coincidently were in my area with a spare onboard.
Nathan and his offsider were awesome. They moved my old bed to another room for me, vacuumed the floor, my only complaint, they didn’t dress the bed for me. lol
Nathan explained all the buttons and do’s and don’ts and patiently answered all my questions. One exceptional employee.
First night…normally I sleep with heat packs, but went without…BEST NIGHT SLEEP I’VE HAD IN I DON’T KNOW HOW LONG…good decision. I then used to heat the heat packs again in the morning, but haven’t had to since 11/01/2020. Zero Gravity is awesome and relieves so much pressure from the spine and legs.
To say this bed has changed my life…YES…I sleep more solidly, wake with less and less pain everyday and actually now want to go to bed, not dread that I won’t sleep and that I’ll wake in pain cause that no longer happens. The massage function is brilliant and on a bad day an absolute godsend. I was sceptical about the mattress, having always slept on a very firm mattress, but OMG it is brilliant and so comfortable.
Recently I was ill for a week, and normally I was unable to stay in bed for a couple of days to recover, but with my Sleep Sophie, I could stay in bed without suffering more pain than necessary.
When asked where I got my bed from, I cannot praise my Sleep Sophie enough and give the contact details to all who ask.
Thank you James, Nathan, Maria and Linda…my back, neck and legs thank you also…you have changed my life and I hope my ailments will continue to improve over time.

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