G day well have slept in a few beds in my life now 79 up until recently the best bed was a bunk on h. m.a.s Derwent in the late 60s . In harbour or at sea it was beautiful . Always glad to climb into and be rocked to sleep . . Some interstate truck cabins were ok when tired and an old bread van in the bush was quite good whilst going thru ptsd. . My last bed a camp stretcher was firm enough for my back and neck to appreciate .. But would wake up a couple of times thru the night a bit uncomfortable.. So rang Sophie a nice chappie helped me organise a single bed and within 8 days it arrived and I have been sleeping so well I hate to get up in the morning. Being a pensioner the payments are manageable and I hope I reach the end before going toes up . Thank you so much Sophie for making this old sailors later years so comfortable .. Great bed ..

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