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About Us

Better Sleep Champions

Sophie was created with one very clear mission in mind, Better Sleep for a Better Price for every Australian.

Having spent countless years in the bedding industry, we saw a unique opportunity to truly improve the sleep health of Australians for a fraction of the cost most were already spending.

At Sophie we continually strive to improve the sleep quality of our loyal customers so they may recover quicker and perform at their peak. We have designed & developed Australia’s smartest mattress, with technological advancements never seen before, all with the singular goal to help the sleeping lives of everyday Australian’s. Whether we are talking to elite athletes, daily grinders, tired teenagers or our more mature customers, we know our unique blend of benefits will help you wake up each morning feeling your best and ready to take on your day, whatever it may throw at you.

Friendly Support Staff

Whether you want to chat via Messenger, Email or Talk to us on the phone, our dedicated, friendly team are here to help.

A Better Way to Sleep

Whether it’s the dreamy cool-gel infused memory foam, complete adjustability or the seriously relaxing massage. Upgrade your sleep to upgrade your life today!

Free Delivery to Your Door

You can’t beat free! Purchase direct from Sophie and receive fast and free delivery to your door