Australian Aged Care Adjustable Bed(AACS)

We get phone calls all the time from people that had previously purchased from Australian Aged Care Supplies, also known as AACS. It seems the company closed its doors back around 2014, leaving countless Australian’s, mostly senior Australian’s, without the support they paid for. Something that isn’t great for the customer or the industry as a whole.


As we have been active industry participants for almost a decade, we know that anything that is bad for the industry can also be bad for us, so we’ve been helping these customers where we can with free advice and instructions on how to best deal with almost every maintenance issue.


If you find yourself or your loved one, who previously purchased an Adjustable Bed from AACS (Australian Aged Care Supplies), in need of maintenance or perhaps some friendly advice to get your AACS bed working again, please don’t hesitate to call our qualified adjustable bed representatives or pop an enquiry in through our website Contact page. If we are unable to help, we will be able to point you in the direction of someone that can.


Did you know that we also sell mattresses, that are perfectly suited to use with your Australian Aged Care Adjustable Bed? Why not check them out? Once your adjustable base is working again, it may be time to update your mattress!!

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