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A Better Way to Sleep

Whether it’s the dreamy cool-gel infused memory foam, complete adjustability or the seriously relaxing massage. Upgrade your sleep to upgrade your life today!

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Sophie is proudly an Australian owned family business that was established to help offer solutions to the Australian Sleep Epidemic we are currently facing. With 30-50% of Australian adults affected in 2016 by poor quality sleep, it is very clear there is a real need for a Sleep Revolution.

Fully Adjustable Electric Beds

Find your optimum position night after night with independent head and foot elevations. Utilise our 3 pre-set positions or find and save your favourite positions with our 3 memory buttons located on your convenient wireless remote.

Whole Body Vibration Therapy

Drift off to sleep every night with a relaxing and restorative massage. Choose from 4 massage frequencies and 3 massage strengths to supercharge your circulation and your sleep.

Advanced Tri-Layer Mattress

Our Cool-Gel Infused Dream Foams provide the perfect combination of comfort and therapeutic support, whether you sleep on your back, front, or side.

Rest & Fully Recover

Our advanced memory foam technologies combined with the flexibility of our electric adjustable bed can help to reduce pressure on your hips, back, shoulders and joints, creating the perfect conditions for optimal rest and rejuvenation.

Some Benefits of Our Premium Adjustable Beds...

Ease Aches & Pains

Our advanced sleep solutions include Whole Body Vibration Therapy, a therapy widely used to help reduce aches and pains throughout the body

Reduce Excess Fluid

Clinical trials have shown Whole Body Vibration Therapy may help reduce excess fluid, like oedema fluid, whether the cause is lymphatic or vascular

Pain & Mobility

Research shows products like our Premiere Plus range of adjustable beds may assist in the reduction of musculoskeletal pain at the same time they may also assist in joint mobilisation

Increase Circulation

The benefits of Whole Body Vibration Therapy may also extend to our circulatory systems. Nourish your entire body whilst you sleep or rest with an increase in oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow.

Sophie's 3in1 Mattress Powered by Celliant

The Sophie 3-in-1 is the worlds first adjustable mattress with innovative, thermo-regulating infra-red technology guaranteeing the optimal level of softness, cooling, breathability, and comfort. Having the option to adjust the softness or firmness anytime, Sophie will meet the comfort levels of every sleeper.


Introducing Sophie’s firmer side. 15cm (6″) of robust support foam, perfect for those that prefer a firm sleeping surface without waking up with a bed spring imprint!


Like it soft, but not too soft, Sophie has you covered. We source only Premium Talalay Latex, ventilated with thousands of holes to increase airflow and add a little luxury.


Would you love to sleep on a Cloud? By combining 2 complimentary layers of Premium Memory Foam infused with thousands of tiny Cooling Beads, you’ll feel like you’re sleeping in heaven on earth!

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